Remote Support Keeps You Safe

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This isn’t a time to be cavalier about our health due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We all need to be taking the steps necessary to stay healthy, but we also don't need to give in to hysteria. Everyone has to adapt in some fashion to the new reality we face.

We wanted to address those concerns as well by offering remote support to our customers. We take your safety seriously; not just your health, but your computer and your information on it.

The software we use only allows access during the session and uninstalls after the sesson is complete. This allows us to access your Mac via the internet to help with your computer issues.

For situations that still require us to access your computer personally, we offer a pickup and delivery service. You can schedule a time for us to pick up the computer and drop it off at your convenience. We will clean and disinfect your computer before delivery as well.

We will still be more than happy to do onsite support. It's not going away. We just wanted to address the concerns some customers might have while we deal with this new coronavirus situation.

As always, if you have any questions at all, call us at 469.9091190. It’s free and we can save you thousands.

Kevin A. Black has been a user, consultant, and trainer for graphic software and hardware for over 34 years,
specializing in integration and troubleshooting for printers, ad agencies and designers on the Macintosh platform.
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Free Phone Support

No, we’re not crazy. If we can get you back up and running within a few minutes, then it leaves us available for the big jobs. If it takes longer than fifteen (15) minutes, we charge $80 per hour (in 15 minute increments) or it might be something we need to come to you and take a look at. But the first fifteen (15) minutes over the phone is always free to you.

So, if you have a question, call us. We’re happy to help and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


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